Professional Experience:

AWST GmbH - Austria (2013-2019): As a software engineer, I had the opportunity to work on long-term projects for international organisaions like IAEA that required a broad skill set in the Java and Python domains.
As a system administrator I was in charge of AWST's virtualized IT infrastructure that included a dozen of virtual machines, different services and the virtualization platform too which was Openstack. 

Flextronics International - Hungary (2007-2013): Test engineer on a consumer/commercial PC repair project. Responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining a test software system (including server and client side) which ensures the required product quality, product traceability and can be integrated with shop floor management systems.

Flextronics International - Hungary (2003-2005): Lead troubleshooter on a mobile phone manufacturing project.


Technology Stack:

  • JavaEE, (JPA, JSF, EJB, JAX-RS, JAX-WS), Primefaces, Omnifaces, Hibernate, Wildfly, Maven - Proficiency: [xxxxx]
  • Maven, Jenkins, Gitlab, Liquibase, Postgres, Docker - Proficiency: [xxxxx]
  • Cesium viewer, Open layers, GeoServer, PostGIS - Proficiency: [xxxx ]
  • Python, Django, Celery, Flask - Proficiency: [xxx  ]


Development methodology: 


Public projects I contributed to: